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The trail is situated in the village of Agios Demetrianos, located in the province of Paphos, approximately 20km away from the city of Paphos. It is positioned on the road leading to Panayia, at an elevation of around 550m. The trail's construction was a collaborative effort funded by the Government of Cyprus, the European Union, and the Local Council of Agios Demetrianos. It was executed by the Local Council following a request submitted to the Cyprus Agricultural Payments Organization as part of the Rural Development Plan. The trail is named after the natural water springs known as "Arnies," which are found along its path.



The trail follows a circular route and spans approximately 3 to 4km in length, depending on the chosen path taken by hikers. Certain sections of the trail are quite steep, necessitating the construction of steps. As a result, the trail is not accessible to individuals with special needs.



Various facilities have been strategically placed along the trail to enhance the hiker's experience, including:

  • Benches with scenic views for resting

  • Drinking water stations

  • Rubbish bins for waste disposal

  • Sign posts to guide visitors

  • Road signs for directions

  • Toilet facilities

  • Coffee shops

  • A kiosk with a table for lunch

  • And more.

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